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“Communities Dominate Brands, is still required reading for my colleagues at Disney.”

Lawrence Aldridge – Senior Vice President of Alliances. The Walt Disney Company

“Communities Dominate Brands offers a front line perspective on the ways that media change is transforming the branding process. They have surveyed the best contemporary thinking about engagement marketing, participatory culture, and consumer relations, translating it into terms which will be accessible to industry insider and lay reader alike.”

Henry Jenkins – author of “Convergence Culture: Where Old and
New Media Collide
” and Co-Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies


“Although wary of another book claiming that the world has forever changed, I have been won over by this deeply impressive book. Packed full of statistics, examples and case studies, the arguments are well supported and persuasive. The authors provide a comprehensive exploration of this emerging topic which is presently unrivalled. Thought-provoking and practical, you will be hard pressed to find a more challenging marketing book this year.”

UK Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)


“This book provides a comprehensive understanding as to why business, media and customers will never be the same again; where interrupting audiences and one-way flows of marketing communications are things of the past.”

Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Innovation Officer, Publicis Groupe Media USA


“The authors understand how living in a converging mobile world introduces threats to your business model from a wide range of competitors, and then the book gives concrete examples of how to survive, which is why I recommend you read this book.”

Kazutomo Robert Hori, CEO – Cybird Japan


“This book clearly identifies the significant issues facing the audio-visual industry and the impact these have on commercial broadcasting.”

John Ranelagh – Vice President TV2 Norway


“Communities Dominate Brands could be mistaken for a book which is just about the shape of things to come. And whilst it does indeed have a lot to say about the future, the really interesting thing about this book is that it is about the reality of brands and markets right now in 2005.

The fact much of what Tomi and Alan have to say is controversial and counter-intuitive to branding strategists and marketing insiders is just a measure of the seismic nature of the changes being wrought by the ‘Connected Revolution’. The world is not just changing, it has already changed and many of the axioms and practices which underpin how entire industries operate are now little more than a form of ‘phantom limb syndrome’.

This book is not just an essay about understanding how the convergence of many technologies has changed everything, it is nothing less than a survival guide which I would urge people in businesses of all sizes to read from cover to cover if they want prosper in a world in which the balance of power on so many levels has shifted in favour of the digitally empowered individual and the affinity groups they form. These communities really do dominate brands. Get used to it.”

Adriana Cronin-Lukas, Founding Partner, Samizdata UK


“This is an eye-opener with a key message essential for all consumer centered enterprises. It hopefully doesn’t come as a surprise to good marketing managers but as a great re-assurance that our consumers want a relationship with a brand / company and they expect to be treated with care and respect. An excellent, reassuring book! In 5 years time it will be called a classic – the new bible for new marketeers.”

Dr. Axel Alber – Masterfoods


“I read many business books every year but this really shook me. It seems to be the only book to deal with the role of digitally empowered customers.

After reading the book, I have noticed the cover stories on customer-empowerement echoing the same themes in the Economist, Business Week, Harvard Business Review and countless articles and editorials of the FT, all preaching the same philosophy that it customer-empowerement that is now the new mantra.

Yet nobody has explained how to do it with all digital communities, prior to this book.

Obviously the subject matter is a comprehensive treatise of communities from internet collaboration to blogging to videogaming to mobile phones and digital TV. They show how all of advertising, branding, and marketing will change, and clearly how the dominating power of branding is now under attack by digital communities.

It is an eye-opening book, and very deep in examples and real cases from global brands like Coca Cola, Ford, Nokia, Boeing, Sony, etc. After I read the book, I now see at least one related news story covered in the media literally every single day, that go to make this book the must-read book for those in the business of pleasing customers.”

Steve Jones CEO, The 3G Portal News for the wireless industry www.the3gportal.com


“This is a great book with a key message for our business about engagement. Consumers want a relationship with companies and they want – indeed expect – to be treated with care and respect. this book has changed the way we look at our business and our relationship with our customers. Good research, background and case study examples including where it can all go wrong.”

Rob Castle MD Korg UK


“My favourite business book this year is Communities Dominate Brands by Alan Moore and Tomi Ahonen. The thinking is bang up to date and even if you only believe half of it, it’s clear that we’re all going to have to rethink our assumptions about marketing communications.”

Will Collin – Naked Communications


“All other books on marketing pale before this book on the 21st century world. This is the world of my children rather than my parents. A must read. Written with verve and excitement. I can see neurons humming. I am assigning it to my classes at University of California as a required text.”

Richard Ross Professor University of California Santa Barbara, CA

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