The Futures Agency takes off

October 20th, 2010

I am proud to be part of the Futures Agency today which launches officially today. Gerd writes,

Today I am delighted to officially announce my new company, The Futures Agency (TFA). TFA is based in Basel, Switzerland and is currently comprised of 15 amazing people i.e. Associates that are working with me on an independent basis; additional team members will be announced shortly. Think of us as a ‘band’ of futurists and foresight-experts, visionaries, advsiors and idea-curators …and you’ll get the idea.

I will serve as CEO and plan to grow this company into one of the most amazing agencies on the planet, employing these 5 key principles:

  1. Knowledge grows when shared (therefore we share everything)
  2. Proudly find elsewhere (PFE)
  3. Do what you do best and link to the rest (Jeff Jarvis)
  4. Spend less time being important and more time being relevant
  5. The leaders of the future are connectors – not just directors

The purpose of TFA is to provide our clients with a lot more firepower and emotional intelligence when answering this key question: What does the future bring, and how do we prepare for it…?

Or, to put it more proactively (for those inclined to that sort of thing;): Which future do we really want to create?

TFA offers seminars, workshops, think-tanks and advisory sessions ranging from 3-5 hours to 3 days, with anywhere from 2 to 10 people, worldwide. Some of our thinktanks may use a format called the Disruption Experience which I have been finetuning together with my good friend and world-renowned leadership expert Didier Marlier, who lives in Switzerland as well. Other thinktanks may use our “FuturesExperience” format, and additional formats will be announced soon.  As an example, a few weeks ago TFA undertook a really amazing mission for a one of the largest mobile operators and telcos in Africa; 3 days of serious future-thinking and plotting with the executive team. Hopefully I can share some of those stories with you in the future.

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