Zippy Broughton joins GatorMade Service Trip in Greece

The Gators star will join 10 football players and five other female athletes.

GAINESVILLE, Florida.Zippy Broughton travels to Greece as a member of the 10-day GatorMade Service Trip, in conjunction with “The Smile of a Child”.

The Smile of a Child is a recognized non-profit organization that provides services and support to children living in poverty, who have experienced any form of abuse, who have health problems or who are missing. In response to the invasion of Ukraine, they created resources for refugee families to seek shelter, food, medical care and safety in Greece.

The Florida Athlete Contingent will support various organizational needs, such as resource set-up, medical services, food and lodging preparation, time with children, sorting and distribution donations, etc.

In addition to service work, the Gators will have time to explore local culture and historic sites in Athens and Santorini. Notable experiences will include visits to the Acropolis, Parthenon, Athens Stadium, exploring Oia Village, Akrotiri and more.

The trip, made possible through the support of the UAA and generous boosters, will give the athletes the opportunity to broaden their view of the world while helping those in need. Athletes will also be presented with the unique situation of overcoming the language barrier, immersing themselves in the language while experiencing authentic Greek culture throughout their stay.

Broughton will travel to Greece on Saturday June 18 and return to Gainesville on Monday June 27.

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