Winter Heating Allowance: New £50 financial aid coming this year

Aapproximately 400,000 low-income households in Scotland are expected to benefit from an additional 50 pounds each winter, starting later in 2022.

the UK Governments Payment in cold weather regime is therefore set to come to an end, with the Winter heating assistance for low-income people replacing.

At present it is only possible to receive a payment of £25 from the Department of Work and Pensions when recorded or forecast temperatures will be below freezing for seven consecutive days.

Winter heating assistance for low-income people

However, the new Winter heating assistance for low-income people will provide 50 pounds “whatever the weather”.

Winter heating assistance for low-income people will be an investment of around £20million every year to reliably help people cover their home heating costs, whatever the weather, temperature or where they live in Scotland,” said Social Security Minister Ben Macpherson.

“Although Cold Weather Payments have been a great support for some during periods of very cold weather, there have been years when hardly any payments have been made by the UK government.

“If winters, as expected, are expected to become generally wetter and warmer, this may also reduce the number of Cold Weather Payments in the future. We want people to have the certainty of receiving a payment.”

He argues that the Winter heating assistance for low-income people will be the equivalent of two Cold Weather Paymentsand most people should find that they do better.

“Significantly, this will also allow us to provide assistance to more households at risk of fuel poverty,” Macpherson added.

“This is another important step in our ambitious programme, which uses the social security powers vested in us to deliver more effective benefits to the people of Scotland, and is also part of our wider approach to supporting people who need extra help with heating costs during the coldest months of the year.”

There were 854,000 payments made to Payment in cold weather recipients in Scotland last year for a combined sum of over £21million.

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