Visually impaired man needs urgent financial support for treatment abroad –

By: Nyima Sillah

Mamat Njie, 36, a visually impaired young Gambian is appealing for financial support to seek treatment abroad.

Njie was recently referred for low vision rehabilitation abroad and was invited by Moorfields Private Eye Hospital in London for consultation and possible treatment, but he also has financial constraints to travel to the UK to pay his medical bills.

According to a medical document signed by Dr. Okoh AJ, an ophthalmologist at the Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Center, the 36-year-old presented this visual impairment to health officials about seven years ago.

“The poor vision decreased gradually and painlessly. The poor vision was clearly evident at night and in a relatively low-light environment. Systems reviews were unremarkable. He had no family history of a similar eye condition,” the medical statement read.

He added: “He had several interventions, medical and traditional without significant improvement.”

The medical report further stated that the most recent examination revealed unaided visual acuity of hand movement in both eyes.

“Vision on the right only improves to 1/60 with -2.00DS-2.50DSx180. The anterior segment of both eyes was essentially normal except for bilateral lenticular opacities.

“Fundra examination showed bilateral pale disc with extensive lesions of hyperpigmented bone spicules. He was managed as a case of retinitis pigmentosa.

“He was educated and advised. He referred him for an evaluation of the visual field, low vision and possible visual rehabilitation. He may need cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation with a guarded prognosis,” the doctor said in his medical document.

The management of Moorfields Private Eye Hospital in London confirmed in a letter that they had received Banjul’s recommendation to manage Mr Njie’s eye health situation.

According to the medical letter from Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, the appointment will take place at Moorfields Private Outpatient Centre, 9-11 Bath Street, London, EC1V9LF.

The letter further detailed the necessary cost for Mr. Njie’s poor vision as follows

Consultation fees: 350.00 pounds; Visual acuity rating: 45.00 pounds; Optical Coherence Tomography: 249.00 pounds and orthoptist fees (if applicable) According to officials, the sum of money must be paid on the day of the consultation.

“If further outpatient tests and investigations are required, they will be charged at an additional rate. Chloe, your consultant’s private practice manager, will be happy to provide you with a quote for these and any treatment required,” he concludes.

Therefore, Mr. Njie appealed to the Gambian government, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists and development partners to come to his aid urgently in order to save him from this horrible situation.

For any assistance, call Mr. Njie at 2336696, 5043077.

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