Viral TikToker Unveils 3 Online Tools That They Used To Pay $ 225,000 In Student Loans In 2 Years [VIDEO]

A TikTok video by Erika Kullberg went viral after showing how she paid off $ 225,000 in student loans within two years.

According to the TikTok creator, here are three online tools that helped her with this:,, and

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS for short) is a simple but important tool for any student taking out and paying back student loans. It can help to get basic information about federal loans.

As suggested by Kullberg, this guide explains what the Student Aid and NSLDS systems are, how they are used, and what information can be accessed through the portal.

The Federal Student Aid is responsible for the administration of Title IV of the Higher Education Act on the Study Funding Programs of 1965. Scholarships, student finance, and loans are available to college or professional college students through these programs.

There are numerous ways the FSA can help students and their families. Here are a few:

  • Issuing, reviewing and reporting for all government student aid funds distributed to students annually through more than 6,000 universities and vocational schools;

  • Manage the existing federal student loan portfolio and receive repayment of federal student loans from borrowers;

  • Providing free assistance to students, parents, and borrowers throughout the financial assistance process; and

  • Ensure compliance with the laws, regulations, and procedures that govern government student aid programs by overseeing and monitoring all program participants – schools, financial institutions, and students.

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According to The Finance Effect, is a debt calculator that visualizes your debts and payment progress by putting your student loan information into a simple user interface.

Federal Student Aid is a division of the United States Department of Education.

The Department of Education is the nation’s largest provider of student grants.

Each year, more than 1,300 federal student aid employees help more than 13 million students fund their college or vocational school by distributing more than $ 120 billion in federal scholarships, dual study funding, and loans to more than 13 million students.

According to Credible, the National Security Letter Database System (NSLDS) is a database maintained by the US government.

The Department of Education compiles loan and scholarship statistics for all students who use federal funds to fund the school, both during their enrollment and after they graduate.

Borrowers can use the NSLDS to get a snapshot of all of their federal loan and grant information.

Users can see what type of loan they have, the original loan amount for each loan, current loan balances and status, and the servicer or owner of the loan when they log into the portal as explained by NSLDS.

While this information seems basic, keep in mind that many students take out loans before they even begin their studies and only pay them back after they graduate.

The NSLDS is also a great tool for students looking to pay back their loans as it provides a quick overview of the total amount owed.

If students need extra motivation, they can log into the NSLDS regularly to watch their loan balances decrease as they make payments.

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