Undocuprofessionals Network: Organization Finds Ways To Hire Legally Trained DACA Professionals


To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re looking at a local organization that is finding ways to legally hire trained DACA professionals.

“How do we go from being an undocumented student to being an undocumented professional,” said Sharet Garcia, founder of the Undocuprofessionals Network.

Garcia started the group two years ago out of a need to help and support others in his situation.

She says that, like so many other DACA recipients, she lives in fear of losing her job because she is undocumented.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy, also known as DACA, grants deportation protections to children who have been brought into the country by their undocumented parents.

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There are cases where DACA recipients, like Garcia, are allowed to work in the United States on a work permit.

“Every two years you have this anxiety of not knowing if your DACA is going to be able to be renewed and also this fear of losing your job overnight,” Garcia said.

After learning there was a need for a professional DACA support group, Garcia set up a website and created an Instagram account to contact other undocumented professionals. She says she now has around 12,000 subscribers.

His goal: to make it known that there are legal ways to hire well-trained DACA professionals.

Garcia says they only need an Individual Tax Identification Number, or ITIN. She has organized workshops to help students and professionals start their careers as well as develop their careers.

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