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The UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is looking for an IT services partner who can support and grow its new data warehouse and CRM systems in a deal of up to $ 22 million of pounds sterling.

The organization, which handles complaints about financial services companies, will seek out a managed IT service provider to cover four main responsibilities.

It is seeking support, maintenance and development of its Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM case management system, used by 2,100 social workers to register 454,259 new requests and process 278,033 complaints in 2020/21, according to a contract notice.

Meanwhile, the winning IT services company will be expected to provide ongoing support, maintenance and development of the Ombudsman’s new cloud-based enterprise data warehouse. Currently built on the technologies of the Microsoft Azure data platform, including Synapse, the analysis and BI platform should be commissioned in the first quarter of 2022. This deadline seems to have been postponed by a few months.

Cloud data warehouse migration

This cloud-based data warehouse is intended to replace the current on-premises Ombudsman technology, which is based on Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Data Services and BusinessObjects, the analysis and reporting system. SAP acquired in 2007. It is according to a previous contract notice on the data warehouse project, which set a commissioning date of September 2021.

The contract also includes work on a new “digital engagement capability” designed to help consumers make complaints while sharing information with them.

As if the mediator’s tech team didn’t have enough balls in the air, they are also rolling out a new financial and HR system – scheduled to go live by September 2021 – based on the Workday SaaS platform under a Five-year £ 6million contract awarded in November 2020.

The timeline of FOS also seems to reveal some interesting interdependencies between the two works in progress. “The Enterprise Datawarehouse must be in place for the Workday flow before [September] Workday is an important source of data, “a contract notice published in January mentionned.

The organization will focus on improving performance in terms of the number of cases it can handle.

It has already attracted some criticism. In January, Parliament’s Treasury Committee Chairman Mel Stride said COVID-19 appeared to have had a significant impact on the effectiveness of the organization, with more than 56,000 files open for more than six months and more than 23,000 open for more than two years.

FOS received 278,033 requests during the year ending March 2021, compared to 271,468 the previous year and 388,392 in 2018-2019. Only 70% of cases resolved in 2020-2021 were resolved in six months, up from 80% in 2019-2020, Stride said.

The organization hopes that any delay in the implementation of the system will not impede the progress of these results. ®


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