UAFS pantry supports food insecure students

The study included 86,000 students who were interviewed by more than 45 percent. of them who reported being anxious about their food habits over the last month, in an article published by the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice.

The amount could have increased during the time of the coronavirus outbreak because of Feeding America forecasts that eight people will need food by 2021. The largest food bank in the nation discovered that over sixty percent of the food they provide provided students in the year 2020.

in order to aid students who require food aid for Fort Smith The University of Arkansas Fort Smith has launched an initiative called the Dave Stevens Lion Pride Pantry.

It was first presented in the year the year 2019 as a box offering blessings for people who take part in outdoor activities. The box was later moved to its current home in the University of the Fraser Valley and Wellness Center. The Wellness Center was named in 2020 in honor of the Dean of students Dave Stevens.

Apart from meals, such as frozen chicken, and other food items that aren’t perishable, like peanut butter, canned vegetables . The pantry also has school supplies such as backpacks, notebooks and pencils, and notebooks.

“This could be a fantastic illustration to show how UAFS is dedicated to students they work with… as well the way they help students achieve getting to where they want to be. They exceed what is expected from them,” said Allysa Burns who is a student at Fort Smith University. University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

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