Southwestern Iowa organization supports people with disabilities

GLENWOOD, Iowa. (KMTV) – Nishna Productions helps people with disabilities find employment while providing them with emotional support. A man from Glenwood thrives on their help.

Aaron Conoan lives in Glenwood and has faced many challenges.

“I learn slowly, that’s what they say, and when I was born I couldn’t hear one of my ears, so they told me I was learning slowly,” Conoan said.

His upbringing also experienced challenges.

“My mom couldn’t afford to pay me. She was an alcoholic and didn’t know how to take care of herself,” Conoan said.

He mostly grew up in foster care until his adoption.

“It was a little difficult at times, but you have to deal with it,” said Conoan.

Conoan was introduced to Nishna Productions, an organization that supports people with disabilities. Julie McQueen, community employment specialist, said he needed advice.

“When Aaron came to us he was having problems. He really had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. He struggled with a bit of everything,” McQueen said.

But it turned out that all he needed was a little help.

“We helped him find his skills like we do with everyone else. We helped him find a job that would really suit him,” said McQueen.

Conoan has worked at a McDonald’s for 11 years and is booming.

“I’m going to work mostly until I can’t work anymore,” Conoan said.

McQueen says that if you meet Conoan, you’ll see a man undefined by limitations or disability.

“If a person would just take the time to see the skills of the people we work with, the help they have, the support they have,” McQueen said.

And it turns out, says Conoan, that there’s a lot we can take away from listening to and learning from him.

“They have to look beyond the limits and think, ‘He’s had a bad past, now he’s better, he learned from his past,’ Conoan said.

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