Sarah Millican used the Edinburgh Fringe Award to pay off car loans before she got famous

Comedian Sarah Millican says she used the money she made on her first Edinburgh Fringe to pay off her car loans.

The 46-year-old is now one of the UK’s biggest comedy stars and has appeared in sold-out arenas across the country for the past decade.

However, on social media this weekend, the star shared that her career hasn’t always been that big and posted a flashback photo of her first appearances at the Edinburgh Festival.

13 years ago Sarah impressed organizers with her stand-up show and in 2008 she won the Best Newcomer award, a title bagged by a number of comedians with successful careers.

Her show at the time, “Sarah’s Not Nice”, had received a wave of positive attention from reviewers, with one writing that the set was “consistently funny” as well as “completely dirty”.

In a tweet, Millican of South Shealds also shared with fans that the money earned with the award went straight towards paying back their car loan.

She wrote: “13 years ago today I won the Newcomer Award on the outskirts of Edinburgh and paid off my car loan with the prize.

“That’s me shortly after I won. I was dizzy. I had just met Clive James too. I still remember my speech.

“I remember it felt like confirmation that I was on the right track.”

The Edinburgh Fringe for 2021 is slated to end on August 30 after a successful but slightly more limited series of performances to meet coronavirus restrictions.

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