Plend co-founder changes job title before hiring four people

Plend co-founder Robert Pasco changed his job position before announcing a series of appointments later this year before introducing peer-to-peer for consumers.

Pasco (pictured) was previously Chief Operating Officer and will now serve as Chief Executive.

He said Plend has four appointments in data science, marketing and compliance starting September.

The platform plans to use open banking and modern credit screening techniques to connect individuals looking for funding with investors looking for a return.

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“James Pursaill and I founded Plend to provide wider access to truly affordable credit, backed by new and innovative advances in credit scoring to create a fairer future where borrowers are no longer held back by their credit history,” said Pasco in a LinkedIn post.

“This mission is very important to me.”

Pasco said he was considered “invisible” by credit bureaus when he first entered the UK in 2013 and set up a debt management plan in 2017.

“It had a massive impact on my mental health and while I can now proudly say that I am debt free, I have been locked out of most loans for the next six years, even though I can actually afford it today,” he added.

“I honestly believe that through Plend we will provide a more accessible and affordable alternative for the next generation of people like me – those who either have no credit or have the blemishes of the past six years on their files.”

It comes after Plend recently hired Crowdcube’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, Luke Lang.

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