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(CBS DETROIT) –Detroit residents might see a question on the November ballot regarding the creation of a reparations committee to bolster racial fairness for black residents.

“America has this deep, ugly history that it doesn’t… it chooses when it wants to recognize it,” said Yusef Shakur, a resident of Detroit. “Repairs are absolutely about the money, but it’s more important than the money. It is about repairing the evil. Repair the trauma, repair the oppression.

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Detroit City Council Pro Tempore President Mary Sheffield presented the proposal which was unanimously adopted by council members on Tuesday, July 20.

Sheffield said the Black Detroiters are due and the commission will study ways to build generational wealth.

The proposed question reads as follows:

“Should the city of Detroit establish a reparations committee to make recommendations on housing and economic development programs that address historic discrimination against the black community in Detroit?” “

The measure receives criticism from the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Michigan, the Rev. Aaron McCarthy.

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Yes, we deserve to have a committee, but I think this committee should be elected like any other body, ”said McCarthy. “Just like the city council was elected. Just like the charter commission was elected. I think he should be elected too, and he should be elected from a bunch of Detroiters. “

Reverend McCarthy told CW50 he believes the idea of ​​reparations is taken too lightly and that more needs to be done to ensure restorative justice for blacks in Detroit.

“My recommendation to everyone right now, and I repeat, we don’t need to vote on this right now,” McCarthy said. “For now, we have to let this go until we get something more concrete and geared towards reparations towards blacks.”

The resolution now passes to the Election Commission for consideration.

If the measure passes the committee’s legal review, it will then be sent to the county clerk for ballot placement.

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