PFLAG supports the LGBTQ + community of Fayetteville

We respond to the recent story titled “Where Are You Looking For Support?” “: Parenting in the LGBTQ Community” Kyles, published June 29 in The Fayetteville Observer.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are the local Fayetteville chapter of PFLAG, the national organization supporting, educating and advocating for parents, friends and families of queer people! We have been active in this community since 2017.

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The idea for PFLAG began in 1972 when Jeanne Manford paraded with her son, Morty, in the Christopher Street Liberation Day March in New York City, the precursor to today’s Pride Parade. After many gays and lesbians rushed to Jeanne during the parade and begged her to speak to their parents, she decided to form a support group.

Over the next several years, through word of mouth and community needs, similar groups sprang up across the country, providing “safe havens” and mutual support to parents of gay and lesbian children. Today there are officially recognized PFLAG sections in every state in America!

Our section hosts a monthly support meeting where parents and family members can come together, celebrate their victories and discuss their needs, and their children can come and make new friends. We help teachers create GSAs in schools and other inclusive programs.

We disseminate information on local, regional, national and national legislation, bills that would have a positive or negative impact on members of our LGBTQ + family. For example, we actively advocate for the passage of the National Equality Act to ensure that our LGBTQ + families are protected by law against discrimination in any form.

We are also working closely with Fayetteville PRIDE and other LGBTQ + groups in the area on social programming! We look forward to holding our in-person meetings again this fall. Parents, teachers, and anyone looking for support or making new LGBTQ + friends can check our Facebook page for information and regular updates.

We are sorry that parents interviewed in the article feel that there is no local support. We would like to show them and all of the other parents, friends and family of LGBTQ + children here in Cumberland County that there is indeed a welcoming and thriving support system with PFLAG Fayetteville.

PFLAG Fayetteville Board of Directors

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