Party organizers will receive up to €6,000 in financial support

Festival associations can receive up to €6,000 in financial support to organize traditional festivities in Maltese and Gozitan villages, thanks to a new scheme launched by the Malta Arts Council.

The ‘Holiday Logistics Assistance Scheme’ was announced on Tuesday by the Malta Arts Council’s Director of Funding and Strategy, Mary Ann Cauchi, who said that over the past two years the ACM has launched different programs to invest and support the arts and culture sector during the pandemic. .

“You can’t imagine summer without village festivals, which play a vital role in our country and our culture,” she said.

“Party organizers and nonprofits face a number of challenges with resources, logistical expenses and volunteers, and we believe we have a role to play in supporting these groups.”

Who can apply for the scheme?

The scheme is open to local music clubs and associated voluntary organizations involved in organizing Maltese and Gozitan parties in 2022. This is a unique scheme.

Music clubs, voluntary fireworks factories and Maltese party decoration associations are eligible for a total of €2,000.

Organizations with two or three different roles are entitled to €4,000 or €6,000 respectively.

The program is open year-round and is open to organizations that have attended or will attend a party this year.

“That means even parties that took place earlier this year can apply for the program,” Cauchi said.

She said that to apply for the scheme each association must be a registered voluntary organization and comply with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations.

“The program reflects the post-pandemic realities these organizations face, and to support them with the logistical expenses they face, such as hiring lifts or booking fire trucks, insurance – it’s all important and necessary and we want to be there to support them.”

Local religious holidays, or partyresumed this year after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

€500,000 disbursed to support festive associations

Speaking at the press conference, Arts Minister Owen Bonnici said €500,000 had been invested in the Malta Arts Council program to support these voluntary organisations.

“Many groups have spoken to us and shared the difficulties they are facing, two years after the pandemic, and this year without a doubt, such parties will have a positive impact on our social and economic sector,” he said. .

“Such programs further strengthen the ability of volunteers to continue working hard, despite the hardships they have faced during the pandemic.”

Further guidelines and applications will be available online from Friday, May 27, 2020.

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