Ohio sisters use corporate profits to support women’s health

The owners of Woodhouse Vegan have created a “safe haven” for community members who support women’s reproductive health and rights.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — With President Joe Biden’s executive order, abortion rights activists in Columbus said they had hope. However, some companies continue to work to support the women’s rights movement.

Cara and Nichole Woodhouse are sisters and own the local plant-based restaurant, Woodhouse Vegan. The two sisters take advantage of their protests and their profits to support the cause.

“We feel lucky that in an industry largely dominated by men, we are surrounded by a very strong group of women,” Cara said.

At heart, women are activists trying to make the world a better place for animals and for people.

“There really is no end or beginning to activism, it should be your whole life, it shouldn’t just be who you are and what you’re dealing with, it should include everyone,” he said. Kara said.

The sisters said the majority of the Woodhouse team is female or part of the LGBTQ community, so it’s important for them to find inclusive ways to support the movement and fight for women’s reproductive health.

The contractors say that when they heard the news of the overthrow of Roe v. Wade, they all turned to each other.

“We kind of cried well together, a lot of silence, definitely a few tears, it was scary. It was nice to have my team around me and to have my sister with me,” Cara said.

The sisters wanted to create a safe haven for people who want to protest but need community, so they used their restaurant as a meeting point.

“[People] can go out to our back patio, we’ll provide them with things to make signs and then we’ll bike to where the protest or rally is or we’ll carpool,” Cara said. “The idea is that when we’re out there, we stick together, we stay safe and we make sure we support each other.”

The sisters make a matching donation for their ‘JANES’ cocktail party. Each cocktail purchase will receive a $2 donation to the Women’s Health Organization. They also participate in Planned Parenthood’s corporate program to find other ways to support the cause.

“I think if what you can do is come out and demonstrate, that’s what you do, if what you can do is come out and demonstrate, that’s what you do. The important thing is that you do something,” Nichole said.

There will be a national march for family planning between 4 and 5 p.m. The ladies of Woodhouse Vegan invite the community to the restaurant and will donate one dollar from each item purchased to Planned Parenthood.

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