Nonprofit JobPath Expands Reach with $ 1 Million in US Rescue Plan Fund | Local News

While the US bailout dollars will supplement the education of prospective students while scaling up the program, last year the county allocated $ 750,000 to JobPath in CARES Act funds, which went to students already enrolled in the program. .

Magnuson, who worked as a waiter to supplement his education and the high cost of welding equipment, was out of work for three months as the pandemic hampered restaurant operations.

“I sent (JobPath) pretty much every invoice I could find, and they basically paid my invoices for three months,” he said. “They really saved my life and prevented me from completely draining my savings”

Throughout the pandemic, many of the hands-on manufacturing and health programs supported by JobPath have moved away, and the nonprofit has distributed 50 laptops and helped more than 100 students take home classes. with internet payments.

Regardless, around 15 JobPath students had to delay graduation due to the lack of available courses.

JobPath’s expected growth from this year’s cash influx, Henderson says, is a continuation of the pandemic recovery.

“A big push for this growth that we are experiencing now is due to COVID. There are a lot of people out there who are unemployed, single parents have been really affected, ”she said. “It’s one of the main engines of our growth and that’s why Pima County invests as much as it does. I think they see that value and that we can really help students get to that next level so they can get into these careers.

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