No official plan to provide financial support to Irish hosting Ukrainian refugees, says Roderic O’Gorman

There are currently no plans to provide financial support to Irish people hosting refugees from Ukraine, Roderic O’Gorman said.

The Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth has said a “significant” number of Irish people have pledged to provide alternative room or accommodation for those who are leaking war.


Minister Roderic O’Gorman said there were no plans to provide financial support to those hosting refugees from UkraineCredit: Paul Sharp – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin
Refugees board a bus after fleeing war from neighboring Ukraine at the Medyka border crossing in southeastern Poland


Refugees board a bus after fleeing war from neighboring Ukraine at the Medyka border crossing in southeastern PolandCredit: AP:Associated Press

Since the weekend, some 21,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Ireland, 13,000 of whom are hosted by the state.

Talk to Newstalk Today, O’Gorman said there had been ‘no Cabinet-level discussion’ on financial support for those hosting refugees.

He said: “We had a very large number of people who promised either a shared room in their house or a vacant unit that they have for Ukrainian refugees.

“We have about 20,000 in total. It’s a real demonstration of the generosity of the Irish people in response to what we’re seeing happening in Ukraine.

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“It is a show of solidarity from the people of Ireland. We have not yet made a commitment in terms of financial support, but I believe that like all elements of our response to this crisis, we will continue to keep this item under consideration.”

the green party TD added: “There has been no formal discussion either in Cabinet or between departments.

“There are always discussions about how we can continue to support the effort, but that’s something we can keep looking at. And as we deliver on those promises, that’s something. that we can examine further.”

The minister also noted that most of the 13,000 people currently housed are in hotels and guesthouses across Ireland.

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And according to him, there have already been more than 3,000 rooms recovered.

O’Gorman added: “We have also secured a number of larger institutions, former convents and the like, and we are looking to secure more in the future.

“And a number will also be accommodated in pledged accommodation, and that number will increase over the next few weeks.”

In the meantime, the minister also confirmed that the temporary tent accommodation at the Irish Defense Force’s Gormanston camp has yet to be used.

The Defense Forces said settlement in the camp had been prepared as a “contingency” due to the large number of people seeking refuge here.

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Asked about it, Minister O’Gorman said: “We haven’t needed to use Gormanston, we haven’t needed to use Millstreet (Cork) yet.

“Over the past few days, we have been using local authority emergency accommodation, and local authorities are working closely with my department to help us cope with the continued arrival of refugees.”

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