My mother no longer has access to her Apple iPad and cannot take her photos | Silver

My 79-year-old mother found herself locked out of her Apple iCloud account and denied access to many years of family photos saved on her original iPad.

She spent long periods in the hospital and her iPad is very valuable. The affected device is an older model and she failed to update the software.

She kept try it four digits pin code but finally the the device has locked it. The screen says “iPad is disabled. Connect to iTunes.”

His iCloud account has also been “disabled for security reasons” and password reset links are being sent to his account which we are also blocked from.

We bought him a new iPad but it proved impossible to reset the password and regain access to the old model and his original iCloud account.

The staff at our local John Lewis store, where the two iPads were bought, tried their best to help but to no avail.

Tried our local Apple Store but none of its geniuses The bar staff were able to help me and I also called Apple tech support but was told there was nothing they could do.

Is there a technical solution available or can Guardian readers help you. I can’t wait, given his advanced age, to try to find his many photos.

SJ, Milton Keynes

This technological nightmare is likely to resonate with readers who have forgotten vital password information. Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign in to all Apple services, and if you enter your password or other information incorrectly too often, it can be locked or disabled.

There are instructions on the company’s website to help people regain access to their accounts.

You have exhausted the remedies offered by Apple because, unfortunately, your mother cannot access the email associated with the account either.

This is a 3rd generation iPad purchased in 2012. If you had proof of purchase, Apple could unlock it but that would restore factory settings and the precious photos would be erased.

Apple says, “Unfortunately, the customer cannot remember or retrieve the information needed to access the iPad without erasing all data. These steps are the security measures we put in place to protect the privacy of user data. if their device falls into the wrong hands.

Apple has tried to help you, but there seems to be nothing more it can do. You could try taking it to a data recovery specialist, but this is a niche area and, if the device is taken apart, potentially expensive.

Trustpilot would be a good starting point for finding a reputable company. Why not take it to a local computer repair shop? You have nothing to lose.

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