Mutual Aid Organization for Gworls Launches New Program Offering Gender-affirming Support to Black Trans People

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TThe self-help organization, For The Gworls, recently launched a new effort to alleviate some of the barriers faced by black transgender people. What started as a rental party in July 2019 has now evolved into a holistic support program that has recently expanded to include gender-affirming wigs and spiritual counseling.

“We understand the importance of expanding our offerings to provide black trans people with services that help them feel comfortable with their gender expression,” said Asanni Armon, Founder of For The Gworls, in a report. “These new services act as an extension of the work we are already doing, as physical well-being is intimately linked with emotional and spiritual health.”

Founded in 2019, For The Gworls has supported over 300 rental assistance requests and over 100 medical fund requests. By July 2021, the group had redistributed more than $ 1.5 million in aid. Affirmative surgery support requests are expected to open in early 2022.

“Our goal is to alleviate some of the intrapersonal burdens that black transgender people face beyond rent, surgery or medical bills,” added Ahmad Saeed, co-founder and resident DJ of For The Gworls. “We are now offering a more holistic approach to wellness in our community. Meeting their financial and physical needs is imperative, but black trans people also deserve emotional and spiritual health. “

One of the new affiliate programs, Laced Together, aims to provide new or lightly used wigs to black trans people.

“The security we feel is more important than the euphoria felt when our gender is asserted,” said JB Veras, founder of Laced Together. “I hope that fewer and fewer of our sisters will face violence and more of us will walk confidently through spaces and feel safe and beautiful.”

According to Affiliate Partner Rapture, providing a space for spiritual guidance and counseling provides the necessary non-monetary support that helps people not only survive, but also thrive, helping the black trans community overcome overlapping oppressions.

“I intend to help our community to acquire and use intangible goods[JW3] resources to thrive through spiritual guidance and guidance, ”said Rapture. “Spirituality is a muscle that so many in our community might feel prevented from exploring and grounding, and I’m on the moon – and a few other stars and planets – to break down the monetary frontier that keeps trans people away. black women from doing routine spiritual services.

In addition, bringing together a space of reaffirmation that offers people the opportunity to fully manifest themselves is crucial for personal growth and well-being.

“I hope our affiliate offers help black trans people feel as comfortable and in love with themselves as possible, wherever they are in their transition. How we see ourselves is an integral part of our mental and emotional alignment. said Armon. “A deep spiritual understanding of ourselves and our connection to our ancestors is also crucial to our transition processes. We hope to provide this to black trans people. “

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