More depth for top teams means it may just be one tight title race – The Athletic

When Andrea Agnelli welcomed his friend Massimiliano Allegri back to the club, the Juventus president explained why they are close to a perfect game. “The Corto-Muso theory is perhaps a symbol of how we think,” said Agnelli.

It’s a theory Allegri explained towards the end of his first appearance at the Juventus manager when the horse racing enthusiast pointed out after a 2-1 defeat at SPAL in April 2019 that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter with how many lengths you win a race. To win with your nose is still a win. Allegri even bought a stake in a horse that was born two days before the SPAL game and that – you guessed it – he named Corto Muso.

Last season, Inter Milan were by no means Italian champions. Antonio Conte tends to whip his horse so hard on the final stretch that they cross the finish line miles ahead, and so it was at Inter in May. “With Antonio we learned how to get into the red zone,” said Romelu Lukaku, Serie A’s 2020/21 Player of the Year.

The lead on winning the title this season is expected to be less than the 12 points Inter won and although Juventus sold off key men Achraf Hakimi and then Lukaku after Conte and Inter left, the race is now the favorite of the Bookies, but the race may not be limited to one or two horses.

The memories of this last Sunday die hard when by a hair’s breadth – aka two points – runner-up AC Milan, third-placed Atalanta, Juventus in fourth place and Napoli, who missed the Champions League qualification under excruciating circumstances, ended.

“I went to the locker room at halftime to gather the troops and relaxed after we had taken the lead (on the hour),” said Napolis owner Aurelio De Laurentiis, recalling the season finale at home against Verona. But in this league you can’t let it take you away.

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