Media giants including Disney reaffirm financial support for those seeking abortion | New

Media giants have become the latest corporate giants to reaffirm their financial support for abortion seekers following Friday’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

Entertainment giant Disney assured employees on Friday that they could afford a similar level of health care outside of their home region if they needed to travel to access health services, including planning. family and pregnancy-related services, a Disney spokesperson told CNN.

Meanwhile, cable and media giant Comcast said on Friday that trips for abortion services are covered by a company-wide employee benefit. Under the policy, Comcast can pay each employee up to $4,000 per trip if the employee must travel to access a covered health care service. Coverage is capped at three trips and $10,000 per year, whichever comes first, but the benefit resets annually, meaning employees who need out-of-state follow-up visits could benefit significantly from the multi-year policy, Comcast said. CNN. The benefit applies to all Comcast and NBCUniversal employees, the company said, and the amount paid generally depends on the type of expenses incurred.

And Warner Bros. Discovery – owner of CNN – said in a statement that it “immediately” expanded its benefits package on Friday after the court ruled to cover abortion-related travel costs.

“Warner Bros. Discovery is committed to providing our employees across the country with access to consistent and comprehensive healthcare services,” a company spokesperson told CNN. “In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling, we immediately expanded our health care benefit options to cover transportation costs for employees and covered family members who must travel to access abortion. and reproductive care.”

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