Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles criticizes Governor Lee for “abuse of power”


Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles on Wednesday issued a proclamation calling on the Tennessee General Assembly to convene a special session to address what he called Gov. Bill Lee’s “continuing abuse of power”.

The proclamation was shared by the Republican mayor on his Facebook page the day after the Williamson County Education Council voted to require elementary school children to wear masks in elementary schools to prevent the spread of COVID -19.

The mayor claims that “Lee’s lack of leadership has forced children to wear masks, isolation, quarantines and school closures, leading to a sharp increase in emotional distress and childhood depression.” .

Earlier in the week, Lee said each school district can legally decide whether or not to implement a mask warrant.

“This is something that has been creeping in for quite some time,” Ogles told the Daily Herald. “You have emergency powers, but these should be limited in scope and duration. The Governor cannot do the work of the General Assembly and the General Assembly cannot do the work of the Governor. “

“It’s time to stand up,” Ogles said. “And when the last spells are drawn and we are measured against history, I pray that we have preserved freedom for generations to come. And if we are to be wrong, let us sin on the side of freedom. choice is ours, and I choose freedom. ”

– Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles

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Ogles said the pandemic and the decrees caused by the pandemic have blurred the lines between the two roles of state government. He argues that the emergency powers Lee gave mayors during the pandemic to give county warrants are unconstitutional.

He said appealing to the General Assembly is the most disastrous way to effect change.

When questioned by the Daily Herald, Lee’s office did not respond to Ogle’s proclamation.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee attends a groundbreaking event for the construction of a new visitor center and restaurant at Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill, Tennessee on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The county mayor stressed that he is calling on the General Assembly to defend liberty, liberty and individual rights by limiting the powers of the governor’s office and its use of “unconstitutional executive decrees.”

“I have been outspoken throughout COVID, standing up for the freedom of Maury County,” Ogles said. “We have 95 counties and only about 23 have issued a mask warrant. I have been bombarded by people across the state who have called on me for help. I am not anti-vaccine. I am not. not pro-vaccine, I’m not anti-mask. I’m not pro-mask. It’s your choice. “

On the same day, the 73 members of the House Republican Caucus signed a letter asking Lee to recall lawmakers to Nashville to call a special session to take action against schools requiring masks.

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“At a time when truly conservative governors aggressively fight local and federal attacks on our freedoms, Governor Lee is taking the winding path to appease the left and its allies,” Ogles said in a statement shared on social media.

“Lee’s indecision and half-measure, who subjected parents and their children to runaway school boards and superintendents, liberal mayors and an education commissioner who was complicit in the aforementioned grievances against our children.” , wrote the mayor in his document claiming that the data shows that COVID-19 poses “a low risk to children.”

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles issued a proclamation calling on the Tennessee General Assembly to call a special session to address Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee. "continued abuse of power."

With a population of more than 12,000 students, public schools in Maury County have confirmed that more than 50 students have tested positive for the virus during the district’s first week of classes.

Children account for about 2.2% of hospitalizations (over 18,500) and 0.07% of total deaths from the virus, according to a USA TODAY report.

Although serious illness from COVID-19 remains rare in children, it is still considered one of the most deadly pediatric respiratory illnesses, according to the report. Children who contract the virus, including those who have no symptoms, are less likely than adults to spread the disease, but they still can.

Last week, the Tennessean reported that Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Dr Lisa Piercey said the accelerated spread of the delta variant was on track to completely fill children’s hospitals across the state.

Ogles added that he was working to protect the state’s children from the forced wearing of masks and for leaders to better respect parents’ choices in managing the health and well-being of their own children. He also said he wanted to protect everyone from “forced vaccination” against COVID-19 by government or businesses.

The county mayor previously headed the Tennessee branch of Americans for Prosperity, a right-wing advocacy group funded by the particularly conservative Koch brothers.

While serving with the organization, Ogles drafted an amendment to appeal Hall’s income tax with former state representative and current Senator Mark Pody, R-Lebanon. The Hall Income Tax is imposed only on individuals and other entities receiving interest on bonds and notes and dividends from shares. The legislation, also led by the late Representative Charles Sargent, R-Franklin, was enacted in 2016, reducing the tax rate by 1% per year, with the state required to have no personal income tax d ‘by 2022.

Ogles is also a former executive director of the Laffer Center, a Nashville-based organization that promotes economics on the supply side, a strategy that supports lower taxes and less regulation in an effort to foster economic growth. .

He is also a member of the Club for Growth Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization created to educate the public about free markets.

“It’s time to stand up,” Ogles said. “And when the last spells are drawn and we are measured against history, I pray that we have preserved freedom for generations to come. And if we are to be wrong, let us sin on the side of freedom. choice is ours, and I choose freedom. ”

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