Man Buys Lotto Ticket Hoping For New Car, Wins $13 Million

The winner said he also hopes to support some charities with his prize money.  (File photo)


The winner said he also hopes to support some charities with his prize money. (File photo)

An Auckland man who bought a lotto ticket hoping to get a new car ended up winning a $13 million jackpot.

The man said he bought the ticket and decided “on a whim” to make it a Triple Dip, so he could enter the raffle to win a Range Rover.

“I’ve been wanting to buy a new car for a while and I thought ‘why not, I’m going to buy the dip,'” he said.

The man said he was enjoying a muesli breakfast on Sunday before logging into MyLotto to find he had won.

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“I heard the winning noise game and thought, ‘oh great, I might have won a bonus ticket or something.’

“And then a message appeared saying ‘meaningful winner’.

“I looked, and at first it was just numbers. And then I thought, ‘wow, I made maybe $13,000. And then I saw million!”

The man said he couldn’t sleep and was “torn” between wanting to make plans and disbelief the victory was real.

The unnamed man, who won Saturday’s Powerball, said he hoped to support some charities with his prize money after settling in after the clash and setting “clear priorities”.

He said he hoped to do good for society, as well as buy a new car and help his family.

“There are charities that I support, so it would be nice to do more for them too.

“I really feel like I can have whatever kind of future I choose. I’m pretty careful with my money. I don’t splash it,” he said.

It was also on his list of jobs on his house, he said, adding that he would now be able to pay someone to help him with his jobs.

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