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White House Raises Awareness of 2021 Child Tax Credit Application

The 2022 tax season began on January 24 and will continue until April 18, when 2021 tax returns will be due. To help raise awareness of the 2021 Child Tax Credit which has been expanded and made available to more families as part of the U.S. bailout, the White House will hold events across the country during tax filing season.

On Tuesday, the campaign will kick off with a virtual event hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and White House senior adviser Gene Sperling.

Eligible families who had filed a 2019 or 2020 tax return were automatically enrolled in an advance payment scheme created for 2021. Recipients got the first half of the credit through monthly installments that began in July.

The balance of the credit will be added to the 2022 tax refunds, for those who have not received the payments and are eligible, they will receive a lump sum for each of their eligible children.

are hosting a virtual event on Tuesday to encourage people to send their tax forms to the IRS, including those whose incomes are so low they might not traditionally have filed. The Biden administration and the Democrats are encouraging all families to file this year take advantage of the child tax credit and other improved tax provisions for 2021, including those whose incomes are so low that they normally could not file a return.

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