Krushna Abhishek and Arti Singh talk about their financial problems: ‘Govinda’s uncle supported us’

Comedian Krushna Abhishek and his actress sister Arti Singh have revealed how their maternal uncle, now estranged actor Govinda, was a strong support for their family when they were going through a financial crisis.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Krushna and Arti said that both – although in different towns – grew up in the face of a financial crisis, with their father eventually selling their spacious home in Mumbai’s upscale Juhu district for to survive.

Arti said: “We both had very low days financially. I was in Lucknow and I still remember that after my mother died, my father took care of Krushna AZ. Woh itna kuch kaam nahi karte le (He didn’t work much). We actually had a huge apartment in Juhu but due to some issues we had to sell our house and he moved to 1RK in DN Nagar. Woh paise se daddy ghar chalate it (He would run the house with that money).

Krushna Abhishek said that when the family had financial difficulties, the one who selflessly supported them was Govinda. “At that time, Govinda ji used to give me Rs 2000 per month. I was in Mithibai College.

Arti said at least Krushna and her father have seen “good days” since they were in Mumbai during Govinda’s peak, which was not the case with her. “I was in Lucknow with my mum and we had some tough days. At least at that time Govinda’s uncle was a superstar so they had a good day but I was in school and we had no money. So yeah, we’ve had a lot of bad days. But Govinda’s uncle was very supportive.

Govinda and Krushna Abhishek’s relationship has been strained since 2016. Govinda previously mentioned that he was particularly offended by a comment Krushna made about his “mom” being a villain. But, recently, Govinda appeared on Maniesh Paul’s podcast and said he had “forgiven” Krushna. “You are my dear sister’s children and I got so much love from her. I’m sad you didn’t get that love. But I’m not like that, don’t let my behavior be the reason for your sadness. Neither are you. You are always forgiven. Please relax, no problem with you, and God bless you,” he said.

Krushna also opened up about her equation with Govinda on the podcast and said her comments about their relationship were often taken out of context. “Every time I say something to the media, it gets cut and pasted and posted on their social media. Chi chi mama I miss you and love you very much. Please don’t pay attention to what you read in the papers or what you hear on social media. The thing I miss the most is wanting my babies to play with my mommy. I know she misses me too. I know that.” said.

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