Kinsey Loan takes the title in the Gold Nugget, Alaska’s all-women triathlon

Sheryl Loan figured her daughter Kinsey would be a strong contender to win the 2022 Gold Nugget Triathlon.

A mother’s instinct was proven right on Sunday.

Kinsey won the race with a time of 1 hour, 2 minutes, 39 seconds.

“I thought she might,” Sheryl Loan said. “She was just super fit this year. She won Bike For Women (earlier this month). I said, ‘You’ve won every race you’ve raced this season?’ And she said, ‘I think so.’ ”

Sheryl Loan, herself a top athlete and long one of the top cyclists in the state, said training with her daughter recently gave her a good indication of Kinsey’s potential for success.

“She ran faster,” said Sheryl Loan. “She swam on the swim team when she was in elementary school. Their swim times were definitely good enough to keep up with the fast women. She’s always been a good biker. All I can say is when I take her to road runs, she really crushes the runs. Of the three, that was the weakest link.”

The Loans, both from Eagle River, were one of more than 100 mother-daughter teams to compete in the all-women’s triathlon.

“When you look at how many mother-daughter teams there are, it’s just amazing,” said Kinsey Loan. “I just think it’s so cool. I don’t know how many times I’ve done this, but I’ve done it with my mom every year. There are even some teams with three generations. I just love it.”

Like many events and competitions, the 2020 edition of the triathlon has also been cancelled. It returned last year with a hybrid event where Kinsey Loan placed fourth and Sheryl Loan won her age group.

Kinsey Loan said her activity schedule focused more on being active outdoors than scheduling in traditional workout days.

“I didn’t train that much, but I played outside a lot,” she said. “Having a couple of big days in the mountains with friends, and that was good.”

Training with her mom is a great barometer of her fitness, Kinsey said, and is also a measure of disciplined preparation for a race. Sheryl Loan placed 69th on Sunday.

“She works out all the time and I’m trying to keep up,” Kinsey told Loan.

“That’s sweet of her, but as you get older you feel like you have to be on the ball,” Sheryl Loan said. “If not, who knows what downward spiral you’ll get caught in.”

Anchorage’s Katelyn Stearns crossed the finish line second at Pena Park in 1:04:03 and former Olympic and 2005 Gold Nugget champion Kikkan Randall was fourth in 1:05:53.

While Loan took home the win, perhaps the biggest celebration of the day came when Kristina Eaton McAuliffe crossed the finish line in 57th.

Decked out in birthday hats, a group of her friends and training partners serenaded McAuliffe on his birthday.

McAuliffe turns 40 next week but was also just five weeks away from giving birth.

“I tried to stay in shape during pregnancy, but today was about having fun,” she said. “I met a friend on the course and we just had fun running together and it was really great.”

Among the birthday boys were some of the best racers in the state – Amber Stull (3rd), Katie Green (5th), Teresa Ulrich (6th), Jody Barton (12th), Bri Lowen (15th) and Holly Boston (58th). ), who crossed the finish line along with McAuliffe.

“The real key was these women, all out here,” she said. “They were my champions for the past year through pregnancy through age 40.”

The group trains together regularly and although McAuliffe’s participation was limited during the pregnancy, there are always opportunities for members of the group to get together.

“It varies,” McAuliffe said. “Everyone follows their own training plan. I was pregnant and after childbirth. I actually didn’t do anything with them. Every day there is something, sometimes two. Whether cycling/swimming or swimming/running. It’s just a really cool group of ladies.”

She said most of the group is training to compete in the Ironman Alaska race in Juneau on Aug. 7.

“Pretty much every single one of them is training for the Ironman, which is going to be in Juneau in August,” McAuliffe said. “I was pregnant this year so I said goodbye but they were my emotional support. Everyone is out here taking care of each other.”

Almost 1,300 participants took part in the 39th edition of the Sunday race.

Former longtime sports editor of the Anchorage Daily News, Beth Bragg, opened Sunday morning’s celebrations at Bartlett High School as the ceremonial starter.

Gold Nugget Triathlon

Top 100 finishers

1. Kinsey Loan, Eagle River, 1:02:39; 2. Katelyn Stearns, Anchorage, 1:04:03; 3. Amber Stull, Anchorage, 1:05:28; 4. Kikkan Randall, Anchorage, 1:05:53; 5. Katie Green, Anchorage, 1:05:58; 6. Teresa Ulrich, Anchorage, 1:06:00; 7. Hilary Rea, Anchorage, 1:06:02; 8. Helen Wilson, Eagle River, 1:06:06; 9. Karina Packer, Anchorage, 1:07:08; 10. Sara Miller, Anchorage, 1:07:13; 11. Colleen McGovern, Anchorage, 1:07:33; 12. Jody Barton, Anchorage, 1:08:15; 13.Victoria Summers, Eagle River, 1:08:36; 14. Claire Trujillo, Anchorage, 1:09:12; 15. Bri Lowen, Anchorage, 1:09:12; 16. Kristin Riall, Anchorage, 1:09:46; 17. Heather Helzer, Anchorage, 1:09:49; 18. Morgan Aldridge, Sterling, 1:09:54; 19. Kelcie Ralph, Anchorage, 1:10:00; 20. KC Kent, Girdwood, 1:10:01; 21. Yvonne Jeschke, Anchorage, 1:10:06; 22. Ryann Dorris, Anchorage, 1:10:29; 23. Holly Martinson, Anchorage, 1:11:05; 24. Rosie Conway, Anchorage, 1:11:27; 25. Betsy Lund, Kodiak, 1:11:30; 26. Pamela Schamber, Anchorage, 1:11:31; 27. Sarah Freistone, Anchorage, 1:11:47; 28. Kimberly Spence-Jensen, Anchorage, 1:12:02; 29. Alyse Loran, Anchorage, 1:12:04; 30.Jennifer Schmidt, Anchorage, 1:12:19; 31. Morgan Lash, Anchorage, 1:12:38; 32. Nicki Holmen, Anchorage, 1:12:41; 33. Sara Brubaker, Kodiak, 1:12:52; 34. Ina Kraus, Eagle River, 1:13:03; 35. Melanee Stiassny, Girdwood, 1:13:32; 36. Kristine Percival, Anchorage, 1:13:50; 37. Heather Onders, Anchorage, 1:13:53; 38. Emily Erickson, Anchorage, 1:13:59; 39. Mandy Casurella, Anchorage, 1:14:03; 40. Hailey Robertson, Anchorage, 1:14:24; 41. Jennifer Henderson, Anchorage, 1:14:57; 42. Erika Bennett, Anchorage, 1:15:14; 43. Ivy Eski, Anchorage, 1:15:16; 44. Katie Seybert, Anchorage, 1:15:26; 45. Liane Nagata, Anchorage, 1:15:27; 46. ​​Mia Stiassny, Girdwood, 1:15:30; 47. Katherine Kelly, Anchorage, 1:15:32; 48. Katra Wedeking, Girdwood, 1:15:33; 49. Sarah Bagron, Anchorage, 1:15:39; 50. Kellee Grenier, Wasilla, 1:15:39; 51.Jennifer Armentrout, Anchorage, 1:15:43; 52. Lauren Grippo, Anchorage, 1:15:51; 53. Shannon Perrins, Anchorage, 1:16:03; 54. Destiny Ingram, Eagle River, 1:16:08; 55. Sarah Nicholas, Anchorage, 1:16:16; 56. Holly Boston, Anchorage, 1:16:18; 57. Kristina Eaton McCauliffe, Anchorage, 1:16:18; 58. Jodi Harskamp, ​​Anchorage, 1:17:06; 59. McKinley Wallace, Anchorage, 1:17:10; 60. Suzie Hosmanek, Anchorage, 1:17:19; 61. Emily Sears, Kasilof, 1:17:24; 62. Juliette Benson, Fairbanks, 1:17:24; 63. Megan Neale, Anchorage, 1:17:36; 64. Natasha Dye, Eagle River, 1:17:37; 65. Nancy Spence, Anchorage, 1:17:40; 66. Madison Rosser, Anchorage, 1:17:45; 67. Anna Rix, Fairbanks, 1:17:48; 68. Eileen McKean, Anchorage, 1:17:49; 69. Sheryl Loan, Eagle River, 1:18:05; 70. Holly Fisk, Anchorage, 1:18:09; 71. Jaena Tranberg, Anchorage, 1:18:16; 72. Shelly James, Anchorage, 1:18:19; 73. Taylor Ferguson, Anchorage, 1:18:23; 74. Ingrid Reese, Anchorage, 1:18:33; 75. Mikayla Savikko, Anchorage, 1:18:34; 76. Sarah Conkey, Palmer, 1:18:35; 77. Jodi McLaughlin, Anchorage, 1:18:49; 78.Donna Pierce-Wright, Anchorage, 1:18:58; 79. Jacqueline Klecka, Anchorage, 1:19:00; 80. Christina Curtner, Eagle River, 1:19:01; 81. Aviana Sorich, Anchorage, 1:19:12; 82. Sara Cleaver, Anchorage, 1:19:15; 83. Charity Duley, Anchorage, 1:19:25; 84. Maria Cvancara, Anchorage, 1:19:32; 85. Linnea Gray, Eagle River, 1:19:32; 86. Dianne Prince, Anchorage, 1:19:34; 87. Colleen Crum, Wasilla, 1:19:45; 88. Tanya Kirk, Anchorage, 1:19:56; 89. Madelin Lowen, Anchorage, 1:19:59; 90. Alana Lim, Anchorage, 1:20:07; 91. Lauren Smayda, Anchorage, 1:20:12; 92. Lauren Dorris, Anchorage, 1:20:25; 93. Hailee Rahm, Palmer, 1:20:27; 94. Carma Reed, Anchorage, 1:20:30; 95. Melanie Briggs, Anchorage, 1:20:51; 96. Riley Bennett-Vockner, Girdwood, 1:20:52; 97. Hannah Ingrim, Anchorage, 1:20:54; 98. Chelsea Grimstad, Palmer, 1:20:56; 99. Kari Fritzel, Anchorage, 1:20:56; 100. Danielle Stevens, JBER, 1:20:58.

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