Jeff Westphal announces financial support for new businesses

PHILADELPHIA CREAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jeff Westphal, founder of two new companies, MeaningSphere™ and Mosaic™, announces the sale of 4.5 million class A shares of Vertex Inc. to Tensile Capital of Larkspur, CA and 500,000 class A shares A to Sheffield Partners, LP, a subsidiary of Sheffield Asset Management LLC.

“Tensile Capital has extensive experience in enterprise technology and shares my confidence that Vertex’s board and management team will continue to deliver exceptional performance over the long term,” said Westphal, who served Vertex Inc. successively as President, CEO and President from 1996 to 2020.

Jeff also announces the acceleration of 2022 efforts to advance meaning-based practices in business and education, a passion born from his own journey of meaning-based leadership in the workplace, and through leadership practices. meaning-based learning within his family’s educational experience.

MeaningSphere empowers everyone to create and pursue deeper meaning in their work, whatever that work may be. Mosaic accelerates the movement of families and educators towards meaningful, experiential and collaborative learning at school, at home and within independent communities dedicated to this approach.

In addition to these new endeavors, Jeff and his wife Jenifer continue to invest in the potential of meaning-based learning through their visionary support at Drexel University. Innovation engine and the Freddie Reisman Center for Translational Research in Creativity and Motivation.

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The sales were made pursuant to an effective registration statement and related prospectus filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

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