Intense heat, humidity and possible thunderstorms are expected to hit Boston

Intense heat is expected to blow over the region today. Temperatures will soar into the mid to high 90s, and another Boston 100 degree reading isn’t out of the question.

Recently, the city hit 100 degrees on July 24. Last summer, it only reached 100 degrees once, on June 30. Before that, however, it had been about a decade since we last saw a 100 degree reading in the city.

So you might be wondering, has there ever been a time when we hit 100 degrees more than once in the summer? And yes, we have indeed.

In fact, the record goes back four times in 1911 (all those days were in July), and July 4, 1911 is Boston’s hottest day on record at 104.

We hit 100 degrees twice in one summer in four other years as well: 1919, 1944, 1949, and 1952.

With humidity taken into account, Heat Index values ​​will climb to 104 today. Boston should easily beat the old record for the August 4 date, which has been 96 degrees for more than 100 years, in 1928.

While temperatures won’t be as hot on Friday, the dew point will be higher, so the heat index will be close to 100.

If we hit 90 on Saturday, we will mark our second official heat wave this summer. A light sea breeze may prevent this from happening, but it will be close.

Sunday temperatures are climbing back into the mid 90s with Heat Index values ​​above 100. It looks like the region will remain in the low 90s on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Cape Cod will be slightly cooler with highs between 85 and 90 and heat index values ​​in the 90s over the next few days.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu declared a heat-related emergency from Aug. 4-7. Heat advisories are in effect until 9 p.m. Friday and will likely be issued again on Sunday. Under these conditions, your risk of heat exhaustion increases with outdoor exertion or prolonged exposure.

Of course, it should be mentioned that with the intense heat and humidity in place, thunderstorms can also develop. All storms will be isolated today, appearing mostly north and west of Boston. Friday you can expect scattered thunderstorms, which can also hit or miss the other days of the weekend.

Although I don’t expect widespread severe storms, a few could become damaging, so be prepared to seek shelter indoors if necessary.

Any thunderstorm that develops will contain showers. This is welcome news as drought conditions in Massachusetts continue to worsen and there is little substantial rainfall expected.

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