Doma Home’s equity financing solution speeds up the title and escrow process for lenders

Doma Holdings Inc. has launched a home equity financing offering for lenders that leverages its Doma Intelligence platform to expedite home equity loan and line of credit (HELOC) title searches. Doma’s proprietary machine intelligence-based solutions accelerate the title and escrow process for lenders offering home financing products to help borrowers get their funds faster, with up to 80% of title decisions made within minutes.

“In an environment of volatile interest rates and housing stocks, Doma has responded to lenders’ need to close loans faster and minimize costs to better serve their customers in the current marketplace,” said Max Simkoff, CEO of Doma. “Doma’s mission has always been to provide a better, faster, and more affordable home closing experience, and we look forward to expanding our solutions for lenders’ shifting business and extending the digital-first benefits to the home finance market.”

Doma’s home financing solutions include both insured and uninsured service offerings, including the ALTA Short Form Loan Policy, ALTA Residential Limited Coverage Junior Loan Policy, Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E) Reports, and Legal and Vesting (L&V) Reports.

Image: “Home Equity” by aag_photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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