Clydesdale Spectacular receives financial support from the Scenic Rim Regional Council

The council supported this weekend’s Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular, providing $10,000 to support the increasingly popular event which is bringing thousands of visitors and significant economic benefits to the area.

Now in his 10’se year, the event to be held at Boonah Showgrounds this Saturday and Sunday celebrates the history and legacy of the Clydesdale horse, which was used by pioneering Scottish and German families to transform the Scenic Rim bushland into a farming area leading.

Mayor Greg Christensen said Council’s support of the Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular represents a great return on investment for the region, with this year’s event expected to add more than $3.06 million to the local economy.

“This is an event that attracts competitors, participants and spectators from across Australia, as well as overseas, and attendance has grown exponentially since its inception in 2013.”

“Over 10,000 people are expected to attend the Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular this year, celebrating our heritage and the magnificent horses that have helped build our region.”

“The Clydesdales cleared large tracts of land and were vital to farmers in ploughing, planting and harvesting, playing a central role in establishing the region’s agricultural sector.”

When heavy horses were replaced by machines, the Clydesdale breed declined in the 1960s but was revived in the Scenic Rim.

In 2012, an enthusiastic group of local breeders concerned about preserving the 130-year history of the Clydesdale in the area approached the Boonah Show Society and formed a sub-committee to develop the Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular.

The two-day event showcases the heritage, history and culture of the Clydesdale breed with a range of heavy horse competitions and driving displays as well as demonstrations of rare crafts by harness makers, blacksmiths and wheelwrights.

It also offers workshops, working dog and horse shows, walks, shows, markets and traditional Scottish food.

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular is supported by grants from the Council’s Regional Events Program.

Division 5 Councilor Cr Marshall Chalk said this event celebrates our region’s pride in its rich heritage and builds on Scenic Rim’s reputation as a vibrant destination offering authentic experiences for visitors.

“With an estimated economic benefit of over $3 million to the region, the $10,000 grant represents an excellent return on investment for Scenic Rim.”

Wheelwright Rick Stanfield’s presentation will be one of the few demonstrations of crafts at the Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular.

Mr. Rick Stanfield, who chairs the Boonah Show Society’s Scenic Rim Clydesdale Show Sub-Committee, said the Council’s support of the event was greatly appreciated.

“We are expecting huge crowds and our ability to accommodate our visitors will be greatly improved.”

“The Clydesdale Spectacular has grown steadily over the past ten years and is a result of the great support from our community.”

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday at 8 Melbourne Street, Boonah.

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