“Clara White’s mission is strong”

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Mission chiefs Clara White responded to CEO Ju’Coby Pittman’s allegations of lack of transparency regarding a COVID-19 outbreak on Sunday.

“I am here to share with you today that the Clara White mission is strong. It’s strong, all of you, ”Pittman said at a Sunday afternoon press conference.

The press conference took place after the resignation of five of the six board members of the Clara White Mission Executive Committee. A letter obtained from President Michelle Paul and signed by “the resigning mission board members Clara White” claimed that Pitman had only informed the board of several employees who tested positive for COVID-19 for four days after this happened. Two staff members were hospitalized, including Pitman herself. Longtime mission chief Keith Smith died from the virus last month.

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At Sunday’s press conference, heads of mission said there was a slight delay in notifying COVID-19 cases to the appropriate staff members, but this was not intentional. They said the mission is strong and ready to start serving the homeless again.

Pittman said she, like others at the mission, still mourns the loss of Smith.

She said the allegations were false, defamatory, hurtful and prejudicial to the financial support of the mission.

The board members who intervened didn’t understand the process, and if you don’t understand the process, I think you need to ask questions before you try to take over and cripple the impact of feed the homeless. Those of you who know me know that if I had been released from the hospital it wouldn’t have happened, ”said Pittman, who is also a Jacksonville City Council Member.

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The Heads of Mission said that from there they will continue to be transparent as they always have been.

The mission requires everyone to wear masks and offers free vaccinations every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to noon.

Heads of mission Clara White talk about COVID-19

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