Booyoung offers scholarships for international students in Korea

Students from Tajikistan (left) and Turkey pose for a photo after receiving scholarships from the Woojung Education and Culture Foundation for the first semester of 2022. (Booyoung Group)

Booyoung Group’s Woojung Education and Culture Foundation has offered scholarships totaling 350 million won ($292,000) to 89 international students studying in Korea for the first semester of the 2022 academic year. The recipients are from 34 countries, including Vietnam, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Cambodia.

Since 2010, the foundation has provided financial support to Asian, African and Latin American students on a semester basis. Scholarships worth 83 billion won have been awarded to 2,115 students from 41 countries.

The award takes into account students’ academic achievement, behavior, financial need, and plans to contribute to society.

“We hope our scholarship will help international students become global leaders who connect their home country, Korea, and the world,” an official from the foundation said.

Booyoung Group has contributed to causes as diverse as promoting Korean history, improving care for the elderly, supporting the military, funding child care centers and sponsoring volunteer taekwondo work. Donations totaled 890 billion won. The group was named the top donor among 500 Korean companies in 2014, in terms of the share of donations in sales.

By Ahn Ju-hee ([email protected])

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