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Adams County Commissioner Charles “Chaz” Tedesco joined the Democratic primary on Monday to represent Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District.

“Workers need a voice in Congress from someone who has lived the life of a worker,” Tedesco, a Navy veteran and former union president, said in a statement.

“I know what it’s like to feel forgotten and left behind. Politicians come and go and make all kinds of promises without fully making meaningful improvements to our lives. I will make you a promise today: I will never forget you and I will always show myself for all of us, every day. “

Tedesco said in a campaign email sent on Monday: “We can beat this pandemic, give people access to better health care, strengthen voting rights and tackle the climate crisis. But we have to do it. together.”

Tedesco joins Democratic state representative Yadira Caraveo de Thornton, a pediatrician, at an elementary school in the district, whose boundaries have yet to be finalized. Political newcomer Giulianna “Jewels” Gray, wedding photographer, is the only Republican to have applied for the seat.

Tedesco was elected last year for a third term as commissioner. He worked for more than three decades as a master industrial mechanic at Koppers Inc., an international manufacturing company with a factory in Denver, and was president of United Steel Workers of America Local 8031 ​​from 2005 to 2013.

“My story begins right here, in a foster home in Colorado, where a brave young couple tried their luck with a child no one wanted,” Tedesco said in a video posted Monday by his campaign. “They welcomed me and they showed me more love than I have ever known.”

A campaign video posted by Democrat Charles “Chaz” Tedesco’s campaign announces the Adams County Commissioner’s candidacy for Congress in Colorado’s new 8th District.

Renee Bernhard, co-founder and executive director of Foster Source, a Thornton-based nonprofit advocacy and support organization, praised Tedesco’s “tireless work” in support of foster care reforms in a statement provided by his campaign.

“Chaz has produced concrete results, including the creation of ‘Homes for Hope’, a facility for children in care to avoid being placed away from their biological families,” she said.

Maria Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Adelante Community Development, an Adams County nonprofit that works with Hispanic small business owners, said Tedesco has helped ensure the community has access to COVID-vaccines. 19.

“When vaccine funding became available, Chaz worked to make sure vaccines were available to underserved communities,” Gonzalez said in a statement provided by the campaign. “Through a team effort led by Chaz, more than 10,000 underserved residents of Adams County have been vaccinated.”

High praise and mixed reviews for the map adopted by Congress;  some challenges of the plan

An independent redistribution commission voted last week to pass a final map of the Congressional district that founds the 8th District of Colorado in the Adams County suburb north of Denver, stretching along Interstate 25 to in Greeley.

As drawn, the district is seen as competitive with a slight advantage to Democratic candidates, based on recent elections. President Joe Biden won the district over former President Donald Trump by 4.6 points, but Trump won the district by 1.7 points in 2016.

If approved by the Colorado Supreme Court, the new district would contain the highest concentration of Hispanic voters in the state at 38.5%. Several advocacy organizations argue the commission failed to meet legal requirements to reflect Hispanic and Latino influence in the state and are contesting the map.

Caraveo’s campaign spokesperson welcomed Tedesco in a statement to Colorado Politics.

US congressional candidate Yadira Caraveo accumulates legislative approvals

“Dr. Caraveo grew up in Adams County and has spent nearly a decade serving his community in Thornton as a pediatrician and, more recently, as a state legislator,” Elana Schrager said in a E-mail.

“Dr. Caraveo’s personal and professional experience – and her experience in getting things done – makes it clear that she is the person best prepared to advocate for families and communities in the 8th Congressional District.”

Colorado Politics reported on Friday that Republican Senators John Cooke, Kevin Priola and Barbara Kirkmeyer were considering running in the district.

The challenge to the congressional mapping plan on the protections of minorities has already been announced

At least two Hispanic advocacy organizations say they plan to challenge the card on the grounds that it dilutes minority voting rights.

Colorado Congressional Redistribution Commission adopts final map

Democratic state lawmaker Yadira Caraveo makes offer for new US House seat from Colorado

Democrat Joe Salazar says he won’t run in Colorado’s new congressional district


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