76-year-old ready to stand for election in Kujang bloc

Kujang: 76-year-old day laborer ready to run for Odisha Panchayat elections without any financial support

Japahari Barik, a day laborer from Malla sahi gram-panchayat under zone 1 of Kujang block in Jagatsinghpur district has applied as an independent candidate for the post of Sarpanch.

Japahari rides his bike and personally meets people and calls them to vote for him and also puts up posters on the walls by himself. He has no supporters, no financial support and a house in his village. While other candidates from different parties are busy campaigning with their supporters.

He inquired about the various projects going on in the bloc and the people living below the poverty line. He does not complain about being poor and concentrates on his campaign alone.

“I am a poor man, after a long time I decided to make changes in the panchayat and that is the reason why I ran for the post of Sarpanch. I leave my house around 7 a.m. to go door to door and give postcards to everyone. I put up my posters and banners everywhere and asked women to vote for me,” says Japahari.

Japahari said he received immense love and support from the villagers and that gave him motivation to run for office and he was now well known in his village. He wants to focus on education, health facilities and water issues in the village and wants to take care of people who live below the poverty line.

“There are 5,130 votes in the panchayat and 16 wards. I am very sure that I will get 1500-1600 votes,” he said.

“My agenda has always been impartial and corruption-free development and the welfare of society,” he said.

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