What are the deliverables of No Straight Lines Products?

[1] We will help you develop a set of literacy’s that will fundamentally change the way you design for success.

[2] By absorbing and understanding the most important ideas that emerge from the programme you will be able to initiate an action plan for your organisation.

The Workshop will be facilitated by 2 people. A workshop can be run for up to 40 people. This core group would take on and own the development and implementation of the ideas generated by the workshop.

Courses depending on their nature may have a number of advisors and expert participants.

Who should be attending the Courses & Workshops?

For those that have an urgent and pressing need to fundamentally rethink how to get things done better, whether that is in a social, organisational or economic context and sometimes they are all 3 at the same time.


We recommend that you book the workshop at least 2 months in advance, and preferably further ahead in our busy months. This allows enough time for the brief and preparation work required.

How much does a No Straight Lines product cost?

Costs are based upon on the number of attendees and the level of granularity and time required. These can be provided once a proper outline is agreed upon.

We suggest when booking a course or workshop that you allow 2 months lead time which allows for the proper preparation, research, the development of relevant materials and the workshop itself.

Please contact us you would like to book or discuss a workshop now with SMLXL.

A detailed copy of our terms of business is available.

SMLXL runs Masterclasses in the UK and internationally: advocacy

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