Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - How data analytics helps to monetize the user base in telecoms, social networks, media and advertising in a converged ecosystem.

“Social Media Marketing” is the start of a conversation about marketing communications using social media forms ­ including internet spaces and platforms and mobile telecommunication sources. The book addresses the importance of data and analytics both in helping to monetise these media, and in improving the way that the owners of these media market themselves. Marketers wishing to communicate with customers, or potential customers via social media need to adopt a new set of skills and techniques to be effective. The need for dialogue and involvement, for engagement, is paramount. This book helps the advance understanding and use of social media.

This book can help you to ­

  • Understand the world of Social media from the perspective of the Web (social media), mobile/telecoms and traditional media
  • Understand the significance of data within social networks
  • Work with social media metrics like Alpha users, cost-per-relevant-audience and others
  • Learn from case studies from enterprises who have successfully used the social media marketing approach
  • Learn how to deploy social media marketing campaigns
  • Recognise the growing significance of Privacy in Social media marketing

This book would appeal to anyone in the social media, mobile/telecoms and traditional media worlds, as well as to businesses wishing to become involved in Social Media Marketing.

The book can be purchased from FutureText.

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