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They say the real voyage of discovery is not to seek new landscapes but to look upon the world with fresh eyes. During the research and writing of No Straight Lines I too have been on a voyage of discovery.

That journey has transformed me and my perspectives and values, it has shaped a vision that says yes we are in a difficult and challenging time and place as we transition from the old industrial order to a post industrial future but now we now have the possibility to truly transform our world, to be more resilient, to be more relevant to us both personally and collectively, socially cohesive, sustainable, economically vibrant and humane through the tools, capabilities, language and processes at our fingertips.

Individuals, organisations, institutions and states face a unique design challenge and that is why we have created the Transformation LABS – a unique process that has been designed as means whereby we enable people to come together with a common cause, or an organisation with a ‘we cant sleep at night’ problem to find a transformational but realistic outcome.

We place the emphasis and responsibility on the participants that they must look for transformational answers, they are (en)couraged to aspire to seeing, connecting and designing for their best possible future. Therefore their journey must be of the hand, heart and mind and we do this by frameworking the journey via the six principles of No Straight Lines these are:

[1] Ambiguity

[2] Adaptiveness

[3] Openness

[4] Participatory cultures and tools

[5] Craftsmanship

[6] Epic: designing for transformation

We will explain their importance, and use real stories of how other organisations have been able to use these principles to face difficult/challenging situations and use them to design for transformation. Each principle has a navigational tool and our particpant’s roll up their sleeves get hands on and practice – you never change anything if it stays as an intellectual exercise.

It may not be obvious but there are a number of things happening at the same time – we are enabling our participants to individually and collectively connect with their humanity, with their heart and spirit, we are bringing new knowledge, and ways of looking at the world and we offer a new language that allows the group to begin to discuss new destinations.

If that sounds a bit new age’ish the reality is if there is not a culture shift within each individual – there is no transformation in the real world. If there is no new knowledge then what we see is shaped by what we know, and if we don’t have a new language then we describe the same problems with the same language and end up with the same old same old solutions.

So a financial director of a €1bn company said to me, “you have made me question what is on my tombstone”, another wrote,

“I started this message with – so, what can I say? A beautiful, insightful, memorable experience together, and that means all of us present, created our own experience that embodied all of the six principles. So a huge thankyou for undertaking the journey with us. We all learnt profoundly”.

The No Straight Lines challenge

We are not looking for those that want to ‘play’ at the innovation game, tick the box, and get back to ‘bizness as usual’. We want truly committed participants that want to work out ‘how we can’ rather than talking about ‘why we cant.’ So if you; ‘want’, ‘desire’, and ‘demand’ a better way of working, organising and living then we would love to hear from you.

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