No Straight Lines: making sense of our non linear world

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No Straight Lines: making sense of our non linear world“.

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“No straight lines is the new logic as Alan described in this inspiring plea for a more human centric and above all more participatory society. The book reads like a roadmovie from the rise of the assembly line mentality to the fall of the Berlin wall and now the emancipation of our information-behaviour. As a true designer Alan carefully articulates the changes in our society and page by page distills a new form to understand our world, no straight lines. It’s not just a subculture of some hackers, in fact it is not even about technology, moreover this meta-trend is about true social innovation. NSL will enable open-government, open-data even opening up your own DNA. But where does that leave the concept of a company or industry? Be prepared to experience the unexpected since this book will create a virus of the mind. The shocking answer is that there is no quick fix, not even a solution to be engineered. This is a world of No straight line thinking, embracing complexity is the answer. How? That itself needs to be explored in a participatory fashion in the search for more social entrepreneurialship or maybe distributed or creative leadership. Whatever that might mean is yet to be discovered. Alan clearly has a mission and I would happily choose him as a guide, off the beaten track and through these uncharted territories. “

Arjan Postma, research director – FreedomLab future studies – Amsterdam

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