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October 21st, 2011

I am thrilled that Mohammad Al-Ubaydli of Patients Know Best got to speak at the wonderful The DO Lectures. His message and story is important and critical to WHAT NEXT looks like. PKB is a case history in the forthcoming No Straight Lines (register for free browser book, and other formats). What Mohammad has created by using systems design, is something that delivers much much better, for much less. Its benefits are multifaceted.

Why Andrew Lansley is not talking to people like Mohammad demonstrates why BIG GOV struggle with designing for a better world. Its not top down with lots of expensive consultants. Designing for transformation is flat, emergent and networked. And the clue is in the name of Mohammad’s company PATIENTS KNOW BEST. Better thinking, better world. Its about blending technologies of cooperation, with data, platforms and people. Designing around people, for people, not inspite of them.

Mohammad’s story is the reason a patient knows best is because they are the only one who goes to all the consultations. So Mohammad has come up with a simple program so a patient can access their health records.

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