Blackberry Collaboration Forum 2010 Alan Moore keynote

November 2nd, 2010

This is the presentation keynote that I gave on my Latin American tour. Firstly, I address the culture shock that many feel at present, as we transition from an industrial world to a non-linear one – the world of No Straight Lines (sxsw keynote) (NSL Interview with Susan Bratton of Dishy Mix) – then I address some of the key trends that enterprise must address if its going to navigate this transition smoothly – then I bring these thoughts into focus from a mobile communications perspective. The questions we must ask are these; how does mobile communications enhance, and enable enterprise, large and small, to become more effective, to become more lightweight, more connected? How does one use the Swiss-rolls of data as a daily part of business? How can business and business models be transformed by applying mobile communications? How does one embedded sociability into commerce? How can mobile communications enable developing countries to connect up to a global economy? My previous post Mobile enterprise in Latin America.

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