Rocky and Balls at MLove

June 29th, 2010


In the car that drove me down to MLove two young women were sat in the back of the car with me, feverishly chatting to each other and writing in a notebook. I struck up and conversation, enquiring what they were doing? Songwriters, ahhhhhh I see songwriters going to conference about mobile….. er of course you are. So I asked why were they going to a mobile conference in the middle of nowhere?  Because they were performing stupid! Doooh.

Sophie Madeleine, left and Hannah-Rei, right, form the duo that is known as Rocky and Balls. As you can see these are demure looking ladies – let that not fool you – and although they both sing like angels, there is craft, humour and more sauce in their song writing than you would get in 10 Heinz sauce bottles.

Armed only with a Ukulele, and a Kazoo, well in fact we all had Kazoo’s, we were regaled with the Beard Song, (now I have to grow one, and live in hope) and two of my favourites, I heart you online, and Love Cake a Baking Song – apparently.

All these songs were touching and achingly funny. So Sophie and Hannah, I heart your songwriting and performing skills. And recommend that more people come and look you up, listen to your music, buy your music and book performances – the world needs you. Here is my fave song for your delectation. As separate artists, they also cut the mustard to a high standard.

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