Networked solutions offer new frameworks for innovation

June 14th, 2010

This statement was made by Jouko Ahvenainen of GrowVC – V=Venture, C=Community.

The thought sprang to mind when reading about the challenges governments face, not only with slow growth, but also as the Economist points out large deficits and unsustainable debts.

In the same Economist article John Kao founder of the Institute for Large Scale Innovation, argues that Innovation “holds out the tantalising prospect of sustaining economic growth on the cheap”.

The article continues,

The OECD encourages governments to rethink their policies in the light of globalisation and the information economy. It notes that ‘intangibles’ such as knowledge networks and open business models now make up much of the value of firms in rich countries and that many companies produce profitable innovations with little or no research in-house.

Over the last couple of years, whereas before I was interested in networked thinking, co-creation, the nature of human beings, the role of communication networks etc., from a purely marketing perspective – what has become apparent is that there is something more profound that is happening and is on offer as alternative solutions to how organisations are created and how they operate in the world. Something that John Seely Brown touches on in this lecture, and something I explore in my post about publishing and media in the 21st Century. Here David Rosenberg talks about sustainable construction innovation tools and technologies. There are a number of examples that are emergent which now demonstrate the possibility of this reconfiguration – which on the one hand come from such different industries, regions, countries but on the other shows a pattern, a language, which forms a wireframe, that could be useful to companies seeking to make sense of the networked world. Something I explained at this years sxsw conference and also at the Do Lectures, MIT and INSEAD. Working what comes next, what is Next Generation Enterprise is something that cannot be overlooked.

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