Tell me my son – what do you want? Networked World Domination Dad

November 28th, 2007

In The fight for world domination

Jeff Jarvis explains that The Guardian has a global audience of some 18.4 million people. This was via the World Association of Newspapers weblog

Oh the joys of networked distribution and search.

With 18.4 million users in October, the Guardian was ahead of, which registered 17.5 million users in the same period, according to Nielsen / NetRatings. This was a record for both sites, as The New York Times? user pool grew due to the shutting down of TimesSelect, and the Guardian launched Guardian America. Considering these recent results, the Guardian seems to be winning its bid to become the referential international news site. Guardian Unlimited?s US readership was already very strong before the launch of Guardian America. And US readers are reportedly drawn to the British online editions.

And why is that, well its got a great online presence and it has the most important word attached to a media business. TRUST

And here is new aggregated news service Publish2

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  2. By David Cushman on Nov 29, 2007

    I think all these kind of metrics count for very little in a networked world. For me its not the number of unique users you have – that is a very simple broadcast way of measuring the value. It?s more important to understand how connected those users are – how much they are contributing rather than consuming content, creating mash-ups of ideas etc. Measures which captured something of this would tell me which brand offered more value.

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