The legacy of innovation

November 27th, 2007

A thoughtful piece from Dean Takahashi columinist at the Mercury News Talking about the wider effects of innovation. There are always ripples in the pond – When push comes to pull. The new economy & culture of networking technology

You know, those booms followed by busts, such as the one we had in 2001. It felt like a ghost town here for a while. A lot of people lost their jobs. They arrived in Silicon Valley like 49ers, eager for easy gold. Many got here too late and didn?t realize the real money was in selling picks and shovels. Bankruptcies followed. I?m not thankful for that part.

But without an inflated belief in the future, entrepreneurs wouldn?t take crazy risks. Little companies like John Welch?s PlayFirst casual-video-game company were starved for cash in 2003. But Welch scraped together a team, raised a small round of venture money, created a publishing company for simple, arcadelike games that entertained people who didn?t have a ton of time to play hard-core games – and thus contributed to the valley?s recovery.

Via New Hope in the Motels

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