Google and mobile

January 13th, 2006

google goes a little more mobile via Simon Waldman

The whole mobile internet thing has kind of left me behind. Despite the hype, too many things are just too hard to find, too hard to use, or just well – a little bit rubbish. However, I’m gradually getting there thanks to my Nokia N70. Shozu – really did it for me with pics. A single button send to Flickr that has never failed, is quite wonderful. Then a mobile version of Gmail – which just works, and very wonderfully (and has actually stopped me moving to a different mail provider).

Then I find Bloglines works like a dream on a mobile.

Now Google has done a Personalized Mobile Home Page . I was going to get pissed off about it, because they initially released an address that didn’t work outside the US. But there is a non-us version:

Jackie Danicki from Latitude also pointed me towards Charlene Li’s Blog with more comment on Google and mobile

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