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May 9th, 2005

Those boys at PSFK have been very busy looking at the technology wars which are now starting to get serious. There might be some hand to hand fighting at some point soon. I can’t do Adrian Cronar aka Robin Williams (from Good Morning Vietnam) impersonations, so lets pretend.

Here it is – reports comng in


On the market less than six months, Apple’s iPod shuffle has grabbed a 58% share of the flash-based digital media player market, up from 43% in February, the company chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, reported in an interview to Merrill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich in a recent interview


Nokia’s iPod/CannonCam

Nokia have unveiled a new premium phone that includes an MP3 music player that it said will outsell Apple’s iPod and another with a camera phone that it forecast will surpass Canon, the world’s top digital camera maker.

The world’s leading mobile phone maker expects its new luxury “Nseries” handsets, which feature built-in hard drives and high-quality camera lenses, to boost sales by differentiating it and increasing its industry-leading margins. The company expects to ship 100 million camera phones in 2005, and that Nokia would sell 40 million phones with MP3 digital music players this year.

By comparison, Apple said it sold 5.3 million iPods in the first three months of 2005 while Canon was the top seller of digital cameras in 2004, with 17 percent of the global market of 74 million units, reported Reuters.

Nokia’s N91 multimedia phone will have a 4-gigabyte hard drive that can store thousands of music files. The phone, which will also run on high-speed 3G and wireless LAN networks, is due out by the end of the year. The other new phones, the N90 and the N70, will have two-megapixel cameras with high quality Carl Zeiss lenses. The N90 will be in shops in the second quarter at a price of around 600 euros ($784), while the N70, also a 3G phone, will hit the shelves in the third quarter. Apple’s original iPod retails for about 319 euros in Europe while Canon’s cameras start at less than half the cost of the N90.



Orange: Great for Music Handsets

Music on mobiles is set to explode later this year – especially with the advent of Orange’s new line up for their ‘Great for Music’ handset: the Nokia 6680 3G handset, Nokia 3230 and Sony Ericsson K330i handset.

Not only will it be possible to download exclusive artist material and book gig tickets, customers will be able access tracks, news, gossip and follow the Hit 40 UK chart.

Mark Ashford, head of music, Orange UK, said:

“The Official UK Chart’s decision to include music downloads from Orange World in its Chart demonstrates that the music industry has recognised the rising importance of mobile music downloads within the digital music sphere. The advent of digital music downloads on mobile means that up-to-date phones also act as music players, making digital music accessible for one in three people in the UK.”

iTunes subscription service

Rumors at Apple Insider suggest that Apple has been quietly preparing a subscription-based model for its iTunes music store:

“Insiders expect the company to introduce the service later this year in an effort to compete with similar services from Real Networks and Napster, which offer subscribers access to an unlimited number of music downloads for a small monthly fee. The subscription service would coexist alongside Apple’s already successful 99 cents per song model, sources said.”

They point to the recent hiring of Julia Miller from Microsoft’s X-Box team as a key indicator of this possible move.

via Apple insider

Satellite radio on iPod?

CNN reports that Mel Karmazin, the new CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio, speaking at a media conference in New York today said that having spoken to Apple, Steve Jobs current thinking is “they don’t need to put a satellite radio in their box.”

Why don’t we believe him? Sirius and XM has thus far created deals with car makers and are looking for new partners but, as we said in our 2005 Trends Report, a relationship with iPod would revolutionize the Satellite Radio industry. Alternative partners could be Virgin or Sony but, as we know, Apple’s behaving a lot like Microsoft these days and we wouldn’t be surpirsed if they shut out the competition pretty fast with an exclusive deal with Sirius or XM.

CNN Money report

Observations: that we will become increasingly used to downloading whatever, wherever, whenever – the world is going mobile.

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