Easy Riders Raging Bulls from movies to searching for experiences

November 18th, 2004

In the book Easy Riders Raging Bulls , the impact of films on our culture is described thus in the words of Susan Sontag:

It was at this specific moment in the 100 year history of cinema that going to movies, thinking about movies, talking about movies became a passion among university students and other young people. You fell in love not just with actors but with cinema itself. Film was no less than a secular religion

The seismic impact of Jaws depopulated the beaches of the world, Star Wars was a religion in the making. Apocalyspe Now transported you into a world you never knew existed and left you numb.
The television series Dallas captured the hearts and minds of the world.
Film on the big or small screen captured our hearts and minds, they took us away from our daily lives. Its not hard to see that people looked for their experiences within these mediums, we were tied to them. There was really no other medium to which we could turn. So commercial TV advertising carried with it the same cultural aura – in many ways.
Jump forward to 2004 – Films like Troy, Alexander, are not Apocalypse Now, Star Wars or Jaws. The experience has been devalued – and we can now search for the experiences which are important to us when we want them.

I am thinking about buying a car

I need to re-mortgage

I want a cheap holiday

I want to help my daughter with her homework

I wonder what vaccinations I need to go to India

I want to go dating with a shoe fetishist

Search is pull
Search is 'relevance'
Search is 'context'

Search is life's 'remote control'

Search is in the 'I want to know more about' marketplace

more about my interests, my passions, my needs

Search is 'I'm actively pre-disposed'

Search is the start of the 'long tail'

Search is the start of a 'learning curve'

Search is power
Search is instant

Search is potentially at the start of a 'sale'

Search is THE piece of the jigsaw when it comes to 'marketing interruptus'

Search is the final act of 'completing the circle'.

Search is the mixing part of the marketing mix

Search is 'find'.

People are now using the internet as 'the first port of call' for accessing information.
The internet is now a 'mass medium'
In the knowledge economy the internet is the research tool.
Search is the most vital part of the new marketing communications landscape. It is the reason we have to move from "push" to "pull" marketing communications and more subtle targeted ways of communicating.
And gaming is not to be ignored in this context. The book Got Game: How the Gamer Generation Is Reshaping Business Forever explains we are at a point of significant cultural change. Gaming is about interactivity and enhanced experience. Revenues from gaming are at a par with total Hollywood revenues.
Additional source Nintendo
And as the evidence mounts that large numbers of people who own PVR's will delete 100% of ads as they are not adding to the viewers experience. One starts to understand the importance of creating enhanced experiences for customers no matter what they are.
And we are searching for them, like we never did before.

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