Living in a converged mobile world

November 15th, 2004

Today's Daily Telegraph unveils a music vending machine that allows people to buy and download songs in the street, at railway stations or in the pub.
The kiosks, which transfer tracks to a mobile phone or personal music player for about £1, could make the music downloading phenomenon available to the majority of people for the first time, reports the paper.
The first kiosks will be switched on in two London railway stations, Waterloo and King's Cross, next month. Others will appear in high-street shops, service stations and pubs next year.
The company launching the vending machines, Inspired Broadcast Networks, initially hopes to offer two million songs. It expects to add another 300 tracks to the catalogue each day, according to the paper.
Chief executive officer Norman Crowley said: 'All you need is a mobile phone or an MP3 player and a coin in your pocket. You select the track you want and, depending on what type of device you have, it will either download using a wireless connection, or you can plug it in directly.''

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