Bringing traditional advocacy into the age of the Internet

November 5th, 2004

A curious thing is happening in the US. A grassroots consumer/customer advocacy campaign for an open-source browser from the Mozilla Foundation.
As this web browser is being developed for a non-for-profit-organisation, who have limited funds Rob Davis marketing director appealed to the grass-roots to help with funding the marketing of the browser. Mr Davis was hoping for 2,500 donors. What he got was 10,000.

To date, close to 10,000 people have funneled almost $250,000 through Mr. Davis' campaign into the Mozilla Foundation, the Mountain View, California, non-profit organization that is developing Firefox. is the Mozilla Foundation's community marketing effort – a volunteer-run web site sporting the fiery motto "Igniting the web." The rabble-rousing call to arms appears to be working, as close to 7 million people have downloaded the Firefox browser and are anxiously awaiting the scheduled November 9 release of Firefox 1.0. is run by the Civic Space software that was used on Howard Dean's grassroots-led Democratic primary campaign

Even Sun Microsystems COO Jonathan Schwartz was impressed enough to mention Firefox in his own blog and link to the spread Firefox website.
Importantly he mentions this in the context of his belief that Customers are in charge.


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